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Engine Test - Small Update

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If you downloaded the engine test from the last post, please, drop me some feedback! I will greatly appreciate every moment you spend playing it, hahahaha.

If you still haven't downloaded it, you can get it through mediafire, here:


If you already have downloaded it, you will find a link to the update files on the same link above! Check it out! I made some small changes, all you have to do is download the 200kb file and replace the installation files.

You can also download the full version with the new changes, just check the link above!

- Added target marking on the NPC as you hover to help indicating how to interact.
- Added a tooltip on the inventory window telling the player to interact by double clicking left.
- Added some extra item information on the inventory.
- Added damage variation depending on weapon type.
- Changed pathfinding to avoid zigzagging and losing time, but this made the character turn really fast sometimes, still needs work.

I'm currently working in finishing the translation and creating an input configuration window.

Thanks for trying it, I'm really happy about the results!

See you!
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Hello again!

I tried this new version but I couldn't see these changes? Are you sure all of them are implemented? I tried both downloading the entire package as well as updating the existing game. Here's a screenshot of my inventory, couldn't find the tool tip anywhere. Not that I don't know to double click this time around :) The NPC hover indicator wasn't there neither.


The mouse pointer gets lost when doing a simple print screen... but I am hovering the selected item. :)

I am glad you are making progress however! =)

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The tests I made worked alright by getting the files from the update pack and pasting them on top of the game files from the first download.
Are you 100% sure that you put the files from the second download on top of the files from the old download?

I hate when people have to download things multiple times, sorry for the trouble =( I will anyways upload a full pack with the new version just in case.

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Hey! Very impressed with the demo release. Other than some path finding issues, and the issue above, everything looks good!

Can we expect another demo soon? Will there be online co-op in the future?

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Thank you a lot! What issue did you have rook? You also downloaded the update and nothing changed? >_< Crap, I have no idea of what's going on, hahaha, but I uploaded the full updated version anyway, if anyone bothers getting it D:

I have no idea of whats gonna happen in the future, hahahaha, for now I'll just try to improve the code and refactor it whenever possible, and then I'll see if its viable to do something online, It's a plan for sure! But I would like to make a single player game that works smoothly first.

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I tried downloading the game to my laptop and now I seem to have the newest version. I must have done something wrong on my stationary. Nice improvements over the last version, good job =)

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I would recommend a detection function at start-up that checks if the required files are present. If it fails show an error message and a possible solution. I had the same problem on my laptop until I downloaded the framework.

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That was actually done in the installer :P it checks for dependencies and installs them if required, then I uploaded the zipped version because it's easier to play and everything

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The out of the box windows installer for XNA games downloads dependencies and also supports auto update functionality, you should look into this. I put it off myself thinking it was going to be difficult but it actually was extremely easy to do.

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Yeah, I was using the one click deploy feature from the .net framework, that generates an installer that checks and downloads dependencies and updates. It was quite easy indeed. I just uploaded this zipped version for people that didn't care about installers. I'm thinking about uploading both versions, but I also don't want to confuse people with too many options.

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