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Day 2

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Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

On day 2 I started reading the book and did a little research about GDD and how become indie game developer.

The research about GDD was very quickly, but I found some interesting things, like:

  • GOD - Game Overview Document
  • IDD - Initial Design Document
  • GameBible

    I did this research because I was thinking in documenting an idea that I have, but after start reading the book I realized that is better wait and finish the book first.

    In the research about become indie I found a post from Mode 7, a company that already have some time on the market. The post is quite large and covers several aspects that must be considered when becoming indie.

    The chapter 1 of the book was very basics, was introduced some concepts of 3D environment and some of Unity interface.

    [size=2]PS: Sorry for the bad english.
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