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Day 13

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Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

On day 13 I started to see the video lesson Training Course: Low Poly Game Asset Creation - Fire Hydrant in Blender and Unity 3D and played a little with Blender.

The first part of the video lesson begins to shape the hydrant in high poly, high poly after that is done the low. It will be interesting to see how the workflow is. I had no idea it would start with a high poly.

The video lesson is very good, this first part, which took about 25 min, I have learned several modeling techniques, which will be quite important now, since the video lesson Blender 2.6 Essential Training was basically a general complied (which was and will be important too).

I wish I had watched at least one party (the second part is where the high poly model is finished), but overall I learned a lot of new things.

One thing I noticed in comparison with SketchUp is that it is much more difficult to accurately follow a tutorial, my hydrant was quite different from made in the video, which did not occur in the table (the table is of course an object much simpler ).

This difficulty is partly why in SketchUp is much easier to enter accurate measurements than in Blender.




One thing I did today also was play in Blender by myself.

Basically what I did was one of those games that every child has ever had, where you should put the geometric shape in the corresponding hole. To do this I used the boolean modifier. It was interesting, because I discovered that sometimes when not normalizes the normal faces (Ctrl + N with the whole mesh selected in EditMode) cannot apply the modifier, is shown the message "can not perform boolean operation".

After modeling I did the UV mapping. I used a wood texture and applied all over the object, was very interesting. There's still some things to do, what I will do tomorrow. Tomorrow I also want to import this model to Unity.







[size=2]PS: Sorry for the bad english.
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