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Working on first major project.

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Hey guys, this is my first post here, and I'm very excited. I'm about to work on my first major project! It's a zombie survival game, and here are the details:
The Gameplay
There will be a couple of modes. The first mode will be Story. It will follow the campaign of a survivor as he finds more people and makes important decisions. Next will be survival, which is where you survive against oncoming hoards of zombies on a free-roam type map. You will have to get ammo, food, water, etc. If we have the chance, we will make co-op. This isn't required, however.
The Game's Backstory
You play as Eric Reece, a man with no memory. The game starts as he wakes up in a field, having no recollection of anything. He will do whatever it takes to find what he wants.
An inituative combat system- We are bringing a combat system into a zombie game, something I haven't seen much of. You can stab a zombie with anything from a knife to a screw driver, or you can smash their skulls in with a baseball bat. The choice is yours.
Decision Process- As the story progresses, you choose decisions that could affect the outcome of the game. Will you choose to kill that person, or let them join the team? A player was bitten. Do you put him down, or try to cling on to the last bit of hope you have? This option allows you to make decisions while still being in full control of the character without making a storybook feel.
Wear-and-tear system- A new system design that affects how your character progresses. Based on your decisions, your character could become very dark, or he could be a saint. Our programmer has been working ont this one for months, before we joined as a team, and it's still in production.
Group effectiveness- the choices you make will decide whether the group likes you or not. Will your group hate you or look up to you?
Multiplayer- You can play in Survival co-op, where you can create classes and customize your character's looks based on the currency you earn. Also, in head-to-head, you can be infected OR you can be a human.
My Backstory
My name is Dakota Grossman, and I am an animator. I can do modeling, but I can only do weapons and characters. I have worked with unity for a month or two, but I have worked with animation for about a year.
The programmer for our game is making an FPS kit system based on the mechanics of Fallout: New Vegas, and you can read about it here. It will be the base mechanics of our game:
The Programmer's system
Our programmer is making an amazing system for our game, and here's what he said about it:
"The kit will have some useful mechanics that can be applied to a survival game. I have based my ideas on Fallout, yet I'm going a few steps further. In a survival game the player will gather most of his items from loot, and here the lockpicking mechanic will make the game more interesting and realistic. I'm thinking on a DayZ style, where you are afraid of being surprised by a zombie, and you hurry to unlock a vault that might contain some weapons. You have to decide whether to spend time lockpicking or run to a safer place, so there is a portion of strategy. But the locks are not as simple as in Fallout, there will be several parts that you have to move in order to unlock it. These puzzles can be as easy or as complex as the designer wants. Another mechanic that will be useful is the skill trees, that are pretty similar to Fallout. I haven't decided yet, but there will probably be drugs, and the player will suffer withdrawal effects when he runs out of supplies just like Fallout. The combat system won't include V.A.T.S., because it's not possible to implement bullet time in a MMO game (you can't freeze everyone's time). But I'm adding customization with fighting techniques that I think people will like, and won't see in other games. And finally there are crafting and hunting mechanics, so the player will be able to build weapons and survive in the wilderness."
Thanks for reading, and I will provide more updates for the game as soon as it happens.

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Alex, thanks! We've just posted 2 more updates! Feel free to check them out!

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