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Update 1 plus questions for YOU!

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Here's how I've been working out the layout of the game for our zombie survival as I've written the script: I think that the story mode won't be too long, maybe 8 or 9 chapters. Survival will be where most people will play. It will be DayZ style, like you said, and the player will find food, water, shelter, etc. Also, the cycles will switch between day and night, and as you play, your count will show of how long you've played over all. I have a couple of questions for your taste:
1): Would you prefer a "simulation" style (think DayZ mod) or would you prefer fast-paced action (think Black Ops)?
2): How would you like the story to play out? Give us your ideas for missions, and we might feature them in the game!
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1.) Fast paced like Counter-Strike zombie mod
i.) 41st and laurel
your friend has said he will be back and you are to wait for him at this place.
however, it's getting dark and you hear ominous sounds around the corners.
do what you can until your friend comes back for you. your friend may have a car.

ii.) survivors
while passing by this house previously you think may have heard the voices of people inside.
you are now able to go back and investigate. check inside the house and do what you can.
help rescue any survivors and search for any valuable supplies.

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