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Day 20

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Mirrored from my blog (en, pt-br).

Today I spent the whole day modeling and thinking about how will be the gun of the prototype of the game that I haven't discussed here yet. In the end I did not get to any model that satisfied me, but it was worth because I ended up practicing.

It was worth it not only for practicing in Blender, but also solve some problems that appear along the way, this is one of the best ways to learn. One problem for example, was that the way I modeled part of the gun Normals became reversed, when I imported to Unity I saw. I returned to Blender, and used Ctrl + N thinking it would solve, and not resolved. I took a look and ended up finding the option to show the Normals of faces and vertices. After that I had to manually flip using the Flip Normals.


I also tested some textures and I'll probably use a brushed steel for the whole gun.

In this workflow of modeling in Blender and import into Unity I felt a delay because of the Windows explorer. I got two windows open (one with. Blend textures and [I like to leave the editable separate from Unity project structure] and another for the Unity project files) and get file transferring from one to another (although simple) often ends up consuming considerable time. At the time I used Debian and KDE one of the features that always missed when I went back to Windows was the same window split in two. I googled and found the QDir, which is very good. I recommend to anyone who used navigating between folders a lot on your workflow.


I know I've wasted too much time on the gun for a prototype and has more essential things to do, but as I liked and learned a lot today, tomorrow (as I already have in mind what I will do) I want to finish the gun.

[size=2]PS: Sorry for the bad english.
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