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I don't really like physics based games. I don't dislike them, mind, but I don't necessarily like them. I was born and raised and RPG man, and I remain an RPG man. The first "game" (and I use the term liberally) I ever made was an RPG. The last game I ever make will probably be an RPG. Unless I die right now, that is, because today I made a cheesy, quick Breakout knock-off. Why? I dunno, bored at work, alarmed at the prospect of my job potentially on the block because of the "healthcare reform" coming down the pipe (another term I use liberally), whatever. I just had an itch to do a Breakout clone and play with some physics for awhile, and so I did. I skipped the whole "do a breakout clone as part of your learning process" because... well... because I learned how to make games well before that became the common advice, and since I never liked Breakout anyway (wasn't very good at it, plus there were no hit points or experience levels)

It isn't much. Just a quick little five or six hour effort. I learned a bit about Box2D and general physics library usage in the process. It was built in Lua, using the Love2D library. It was a fun little diversion. Here it is, if you're interested. It's not at all polished, and I won't be doing anything more with it, but see if you can beat my high score (a whopping 480; those damned spinners). The levels are randomly generated, and sometimes you can get shafted by the generator, but that's part of the fun.


Edit for screenshotty goodness:

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I really like this.

The fact that you did this in just a few hours amazes me.
OK, it might not be the most sophisticated game ever made, but it's not trivial either.
It has realistic* physics/movement.
It doesnt look bad, nothing looks out of place.
It has responsive controls (although maybe a bit too responsive :P)

I only played the first level so I dont know if it has any more physics/puzzel elements then the fans, but I liked those..
The gameplay was overall fun and surprisingly hard and showcases creativity.

I know you didnt do this to get some wierd-ass review, but again, doing this in just a few hours is impressing to me.
Will be fun to see what you come up with next time you get an itch ;)

*from a in-game POV (it behaves as you would expect/want it to)

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Thanks, AlanSmithee.

To be fair, most of the hard work is being done by Box2D. I didn't have to write/tweak any physics routines or collision code. Those are the parts that take the longest with a simple game like Breakout. All I really had to do was tweak the system's parameters.

I did forget to mention that the game executable can be opened using a ZIP archive viewer (like 7Zip) to get at the source and assets. It's a tad messy, since toward the end when I was doing the UI and stuff I was already sick of the thing.

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