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Updating sprites and Grue progress

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I spent some time working on new versions of the sprites for the characters in The Mysterious Life of Aaron James. I'm honestly still not the biggest fan of them, so I'll probably just wait for an artist. Anyway, here's the new versions I created:

Originally my initial prototype for Grue was going to be running around and kill things. However, that is the easy part; getting items, shops, skills, etc all working is the hard part. So, dialogue came first:

Then we moved on to the inventory screen:

And I just finished up the skill screen:

With the inventory and skill screens, the buttons along the top change the filter for the list on the left. There are a few changes for the inventory screen that will need to take place, mostly for weapons (damage isn't the only stat), but it will work for now.

For now, I'm going to move on to the shop, book, and container screens and then I'm going to get crafting in place. I haven't decided whether or not crafting will need a separate screen from the skills screen.

Well, it took quite a bit longer than I wanted, but here is 90% of the shop screen:

It isn't actually functional yet (neither is the inventory screen; I should have stated that before.) Instead of working off of character, it is working off of inventories at the moment. Once I have characters tied to inventories, I'll be able to add the ability to actually buy and sell, use items, etc. Also, once characters are in the system I'll set it up so it shows their names and gold amounts at the top.
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[quote name='Black-Rook' timestamp='1352680224'] Looking good. Cannot wait to see the crafting!! :) [/quote]
Thanks! To be honest, crafting will probably be the section that gets the most attention; I absolutely love crafting XD

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