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Strife: Loot and Inventory

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Implemented the basic inventory system. The UI still needs a couple of small additions but the essentials are there.

Player inventory is fully managed by the server, for example: when a player kills a creature the server sends a list of item id's to the client that the client will display to the player. When the player then clicks on a loot icon the client simply sends a "loot request" with the given item id back to the server, which will validate the loot request and check that the player has room in his bag before finally adding it to the players inventory. Lastly it will send a message back to the client stating that it received the item along with the inventory slot the item is in. From there the client can display the newly acquired item to the player.


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Your UI work seems to be decent considered to most. I like where you are going with your stuff and enjoy watching your updates. You are taking on a very massive project and hope all the best. Look forward to your next update.

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