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Concept Art Sketches

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The amazing Seta [http://lastdove.daportfolio.com/] is our Concept Artist. She is currently working on Dio, the bard. These are a few sketches of different interpretations of who is Dio.

[attachment=12286:dio-sketch - Copia.jpg]

Dio is a bard from the lands of Ternes.

The Ternesians are great warriors, but with a strong political and artistic focus.

Bards are not warriors, they are adventurers that pass the knowledge of their ancients forward by telling, singing and writing stories.

Dio is approaching his 40th birthday, he is a slim and not very tall man. The lines of his face and his sun burned skin would make you believe he is much older. A not very long beard and the long hair of an aged man. You would expect him to have stories to tell. None of them particularly cheerful. Always carrying his harp and some parchments, some blank, some with stories, songs and information of sorts.
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Looks like you snagged yourself a good concept artist. Let us hope that can be turned into some quality in game assets! I look forward to seeing what you do with this.

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I believe that the most important part was looking for someone that understood the concept and also knowing that a talented artist will want to be paid for his work, unless you are extremely lucky and have an awesome project that the artist falls in love with.

I'm really expecting a lot from the animator, I'm working with William Hennes on the character animations. Hopefully we can get something cool and fun to see (:

Thanks for the positive feedback guys.

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