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Smidgen bit of art

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Servant of the Lord


Here's a few pieces of art I tossed together over the past dozen or so days while waiting for code to compile.

Colorful swirling floor

It tiles horizontally and vertically better than you'd guess.

Stone wall

Not my best work - I think it contrasts too much with my other art, but I'll wait until I can see it in-game before deciding whether to discard or modify it.

Stone patterned floor
tiledimageviewer2012111.png tiledimageviewer2012111.png

Meh, might be too visually "busy" - especially the one on the right. We'll see. sleep.png

French flags

The blue with gold is the french national flag of that time period (I hope!), according to Wikipedia.
The other variations are fictional that I thought might look cool. Since the colony is (unwilling) independent from France, but wants to be under French rule, they probably would use the French flag. The black version I might use for the colony's Guards, and I might use a green flag with a silver fleur-de-lis for the Rangers.


Two different banners that don't mean anything - just for hanging outside of buildings.

Cloth door covering

Here we start to get to some cool stuff. This cloth covering would hang on the outside of a building, over an open doorway. Uh, probably as a early form of a screen-door, to keep out bugs and some sunlight but let in some fresh air? I don't know, I just felt like drawing some cloth which is difficult for me. I'm pleased with how it came out (better than the flags, anyway!).

Rope hanging on wall
A nice rope to hang on the outside of some building, like a stable or someplace. Or inside, for a storage room, I guess.
Of specific coolness is the nice drop-shadow (hard to see here), which will make it stand out nicely on a stone wall.

Horse ring

A metal ring fastened to a stone wall to tie horses to. Also has a drop shadow for visual bonus points. smile.png

Wishin' ya' all a happy Feast of Fowls this week. Peace be on your family interactions! laugh.png

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I like the banners too!

I think the stone tiled floor could be toned down by bringing down the contrast between the light and dark parts... you know what, I bet if you moved the dark parts together (eliminate the light grout parts) it would look better, or at least more subtle and fit merge into the background better.

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Thanks for the tips - I've darkened the grout and the lighted edges of the tiles. I've also (kinda sloppily) made a version without the grout.


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Nice! Looks more floor-y to me at least.

What programs are you using again? You posted PNGs but it looked kind of like you had JPEG artifacts up close.

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They aren't JPEG artifacts, I just overuse noise and blur effects. =)

I rough things in with MS Paint, and then move back and forth from MS Paint and Paint Shop Pro XI.

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Cheater... J/k. My mom always said when it comes to art (except for plagiarism), if it looks good, it [i]is [/i]good.

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