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Been a while...

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Jeeze school work sneaks up on you. I feel so rusty and out of the loop, its not a good feeling. Anyway, I'm currently underway in my 4th year in Computer Science at university and that is eating up the bulk of my time. The other week however I got an idea for a game, A slight twist on a turn based game that I want to try out.

Usually this is where I get all caught up in making a complete game and overwhelm myself before I even get started. Not this time! HA, I'll try a different approach. I'm going to work on my concept first, see how it plays out and THEN worry about the game. What is a game with out a good mechanic to keep a player interested? Nothing! So instead of worrying about art, or story or anything else, I'm going to hammer out this concept first.

The idea is still brewing in my head so I don't have to many details on what the whole concept will be but what I want is to end up with something that is part turn based strategy but yet a real time aspect as well to it. As I'm writing this, I realize this sounds like something along the lines of Valkyria Chronicles, but its not what I am thinking.

Anyway more on the way....stay tuned...
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