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Hey all,

So progress on my concept prototype continues. I'm currently using XNA to quickly pump something out as I feel comfortable using it, however since it seems that XNA is dying out, I'll probably switch to something else like SharpDX or Mono Game once I've ironed out my idea.

So what is my idea? I can't think of any game that is played like this (I could be wrong, I haven't actually done any searching on the subject) so I'll just explain it.

Pretty much it will be like a traditional turn based strategy game, where the player and AI will have units of different classes, and the battle maps are broken into squares where units can move a specific number of squares and have specific attack ranges. You all know the type.

The battles themselves will be broken into two phases: Tactical and Action.

In a Tactical phase the user selects where he wants his units to move, where to attack, use skills, etc. However the unit will not perform any action in the Tactical phase, you simply tell your units what you want to do.

In the Action phase, all of your units (and the AI's) then execute there actions all at the same time. I hope this adds a different level of strategy to the game.

Obviously this is a very brief overview of what my plan is and many things will have to be taken into account to make the action balanced and interesting(and fun!).

Anyway that's all for now! back to coding!
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The board game Diplomacy is the only game I can think of off hand that uses this type of mechanic. And yes, I think you will find it brings a different level of strategy to the game. Different good? Different bad? Time will tell.

I'm also in the "XNA is dying out" boat. I plan to switch to MonoGame after it's matured a bit for a couple reasons: I don't want the burden of writing my own engine in Direct3D or OpenGL, and I like the structure of XNA. For me, it's the right mix of high-level functionality with low-level access to features. That opinion may change when I get more experience, but that's where I'm at right now.

Good luck with your project. Now get back to coding! ;)

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