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Added Game Elements

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I have added the basic Game elements which are

  • Walls
  • 2 Paddles
  • 1 Ball

    I have also added a UI to display the score.

    I have also written a model converter which takes an wavefront .obj file and converts it into a format which is easier to parse in my game engine. Currently the converter writes out the

    • the total number of vertices
    • vertex data (position and texture coordinate),
    • the total no of indices
    • the triangle data i.e the index data for each triangle

      It also creates a subset for each material which contains

      • the start index
      • the number of indices in this subset
      • the diffuse color
      • the texture file

        The in game Screen after clicking Single Player or Multiplayer


        Next on the agenda is to get the paddles and ball moving and adding a collision checker
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