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7 games in 7 days, day 1 finished

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As I have mentioned in my previous post , I am preparing for newest Ludum Dare by making 7 games in 7 days, to refresh the knowledge of tools I will use. Day 1 has just ended.

So, I launched Unity for the first time in loooong time, and wrote a game! Complete game, with dying, points and score even!

It's just a poor clone of Asteroids, but it's good enough for my purposes. Recalled plenty of functionality, played around with couple new ones, but 8 hours have passed and it's time to close for today.

I took mesh game objects, added 2d nearest neighbor scaled textures, added Rigid Bodies for collision, and most of the game was set up. Put there some basic spawn/destroy logic, some sounds, and called it a day.

Tools used: SFXR, Graphics Gale, Paint.NET (I have absolutely no idea how to make pixels transparent in Graphics Gale, and that bugs me a lot, as the tool is great for pixel art. after drawing my objects, i then loaded the PNGs within Paint.NET and magic wand + deleted the pixels away)

The game is here if you're curious, just don't expect anything amazing.

State of the list is as follows:

[s]- Shoot'em'up[/s]- done
- Platformer
- Puzzle game
- Racing game
- Dungeon Crawler
- Adventure game
- Strategy game

Tomorrow I may save more pictures in progress, so that there's more to see.

And here is a list of the entries in the series:

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