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7 games in 7 days, day 5 finished

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Woah. After sleeping only for 3 hours yesterday, having been to dentist and visiting my landlady, I was facing a pretty big wall, and nearly dropped the challenge. However, I did pull through. After I've decided to use Commodore 64 style graphics for my project, I could feel the excitement, and was really enjoying myself. Using the 16 colour VIC-II palette, and non-square pixels is fun, even if annoying to draw by hand.

Today I was working on an adventure game. I have decided against 3D, and later on against most graphics at all. The game was to be fully text based, and I managed quite ok I think. I wrote a tiny parser with couple keywords, I wrote a decent room system. Sure, the item system is a bit of a hack work, the console isn't working properly, and most of the graphics are just placeholder. But the game is complete adventure (even if a very simple one), from start till end, it that really makes me happy.

With this, the biggest hill in the challenge is over - I've finished the week. Now it's weekend, and I'll have plenty of sleep, and plenty of time to develop.I think I'll add all the graphics sometimes next week, to have this working fully as intended.

Mini post mortem:

What went wrong?
-Well, haven't ever coded adventure game before, I had no idea how to properly implement inventory, and ended up with clusterfuck that I would very much like to purge with a fire.
-Not enough time. Again, due to lack of experience, I had to spend a lot of time looking things up on internet, and the fact that I didn't start before 10 pm, due to my schedule for the day didn't help at all
-Not enough sleep. Sure, the coding kept me alive and happy, but this is not a good long term way to spend time. I plan to sleep a lot over next two days, and code sensibly, not till the broad daylight again.

What went good?
-Graphics style. I really enjoy it, and it made me attached to the monitor, even if by all rights I should be lying unconcious right now.
-Type of game. I always was an adventure fan, and writing one for myself for the first time really made me happy. I could insert some of myself into the game, and even though the final product isn't as big or as funny as Lucasarts/Sierra games, in my mind it feels great, because of what it could have been.

Oh god, it's 6:50am. I really lose track of time when I'm enjoying myself while coding. Will need a lot of sleep to regenerate from that.

How are we looking game-wise? Let's see.

- [s]Shoot'em'up[/s] - done
- [s]Platformer[/s] - done
- [s]Puzzle game[/s] - done
- [s]Racing game[/s] - done
- [s]Adventure game[/s] - done
- Dungeon crawler
- Strategy game.

Oh right, here's the game.

And here is a list of the entries in the series:

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Ludum Dare preparation
Day 6 summary
Day 5 summary
Day 4 summary
Day 3 summary
Day 2 summary
Day 1 summary
Series kick off

Good night, and have a nice weekend.

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thanks guys :). your comments are really really helpful, when I feel low on strength and motivation.

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Yeah I couldn't agree more, I look forward to reading your progress every day and I have to give it up to you man, I couldn't make 7 games in 7 days, there's no way, no how. I am excited to see the last 2 entries (assuming you haven't collapsed from the lack of sleep and did complete them), and also what you make for the actual contest.

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