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jPong - First Release

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I just released the first Version of jPong, a Ping-Pong Game written in Java using AWT.
It has very simple Graphics and is more for practise in Java than anything else.

Here's the Link: http://www.langeder....ss/games/jpong/

I will add networking/multiplayer function and threads in later releases.

left Player: W-S
right Player: up-down
Reset: ESC
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Recommended Comments

It is a good strategy to work in stages and improve each release over the last.

You also seem to have a goal of a nice Pong version eventually before you go to the next game. Is this true?


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Thank you for the feedback!

Yes thats true,
i already implemented networking and Threads,
but the network is slowing it down significantly ATM,
and it needs more improvements before its ready to be released.

For the network configuration i also want to create a menu,
to select host IP the used Port etc.

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