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Two new 20x20 single player maps with stone block generator fun

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First of all, here is a link to play the game:

Sigle player level 1

Here is a screenshot:
I enjoyed playing this map because it is not very difficult but makes the player have to think before doing something and also it gives much freedom in how to complete the map. Generating much stone blocks and crushing snakes while doing it is fun. If you generate too many stones then it is possible to open the trapdoors in the bottom so the stones will fall into the depths and then you can start again. It's like resetting the map.

Single player level 2


This map is much more harder and there are many ways to die here. The goal is to reach the top where a snake is periodically pushing a plate that causes boulders to be generated that roll across the whole map. I wanted to make a map that shows how many different type of traps can be created in the game. There are some places on the map where some puzzle-solving is required, too. My favorite part is on the left-middle section where the single stone block stands. There you have to climb up somehow. Let me know if you find out how smile.png

Future plans

  • A way to visualize

    the connections between the triggers and the traps. Maybe some pipes could do the trick
  • Make the perpetuum mobile map the title screen
  • Pedestal (ancient scroll) generators
  • Wooden blocks that can be crushed by falling stone blocks
  • Other types of animals (rats, rabbits, monkeys that can jump, gorillas that can throw the player smile.png )
  • Objects that can be picked up (like a weight)
  • Cages that can be used to capture animals
  • Levers
  • Doors in the background that would work like teleporters

    Other notes

    From now I will only use the bigger 20x20 level formats as the 10x10 size was not enough to build complex maps.
    The level designer is much better now, feel free to build your own map and send me the screenshot. Level building works with the mouse and the shift key. The shift key toggles the tile palette that should be used with left clicks. You can place tiles with left click on free areas and 'copy' tiles with right clicking on something that is already there.

    Have fun with the game! smile.png

    Comments are welcome!
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Recommended Comments

Everything seems fine!! Loved crushing the snakes with falling blocks!

The only thing I noticed is that if you go on a platform and hold up to keep jumping, it wont re-activate the "pushed" function to release a block. You have to either rehit UP or move left/right back onto the platform.

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