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[Book] HTML Made Easy (By Paul Browning)

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If you've seen some of my last few posts, you might know that I recently started learning web design. Don't worry, I'm still working on hooded. I just wanted something new and fresh, so web design it was. I started with HTML, using HTML Made Easy by Paul Browning. This is my book review. HTML made easy also covered CSS.

HTML made easy by Paul Browning is great. Definitely the best book I could have bought, and it made the language fun, simple, and easy. It all started with HTML.

The HTML section is great. He goes through a chapter explaining to you, with rich formatting including tables and everything the Kindle Fire has to offer. Then, at the end of the chapter, he gives you an example including everything you've learned. At the beginning he keeps everything simple. I love his writing because, unlike other programming writers, he doesn't foreshadow far more advanced topics (I'm looking at you, C++ Primer Plus). He offers a clear concise explanation without the "We'll learn more about this in Chapter 5.2". He makes sure to never get off track from the content of the book.

A great example of this writing style is when he talks about forms. While talking about them, at the end he says (I'm paraphrasing) "Normally, you'd pass this information into a database. That is beyond the scope of this book, and if you'd like to learn more try to get a book on PHP.". This is great. Rather than confusing me, he offers a easy to understand explanation of what I would normally do in this situation, and then gives me the resources to find information. There's no weird code snippets that have PHP just to show an example of databases. The only time he breaks this rule is at the end of the book, when he talks about extending your knowledge with JavaScript and PHP, while giving an example of each.

Another great part of the book is his great know-how of actual programming. The only thing I could frown upon from this book surrounding this topic is him only mentioning PHP as a dynamic programming language. I felt like he was a little too new to the subject to be writing a book about it, mainly because of the fact that the only dynamic programming language he mentions or gives examples of is PHP. He picked the most popular one, rather than the best.

The CSS section is shorter, yet still good. You can still create good websites, however not professionally. Although he doesn't cover
's or 's, those are part of the box model and at the end of the CSS section he talks about the box model, stating that if you want to get more advanced you should do some reading on it.

Overall, the book was amazing. It is a great way to learn HTML, and surprisingly cheap at $3.99. If you want to learn web programming and want a less costly beginner book, this is it. After reading, I still went and read through the HTML and CSS sections of html.net, which definitely helped me get more advanced. The CSS section especially. Although the book is HTML made easy, he covers the essentials of CSS, and nothing more.

Cheers, please tell me your thoughts on the book or web programming in general :)!
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