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[Web Development][HTML5] Aptana Studio Three File Systems

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As some of you know (I've been starting many of my posts with those words, I do not know why :)) I've recently started doing some freelance web development on the side. I've always used CoffeCup's amazing free HTML editor, however it's lack of support for scripting (JavaScript, Asp.Net, etc.) led me to find another choice. And thus, I came to Aptana Studio Three.

Don't misunderstand me, I enjoy using Aptana Studio. It works great and is very advanced. However, it's a pain to begin using. This is mainly because of it's horrid file system.

For some reason, Aptana studio caused every file you make to be saved as a windows "file". These files are useless, cannot be linked throughout code, and are pretty much pointless. However, Aptana saves your files using this system, and makes it very hard to get around the fact that they, for some reason, enjoy these windows "files" in their programs.

There is a fix, however. When you go to save as, although it doesn't give you the option, type in "file_name.file_extension". The file will be automatically saved by that extension and referred to using that extension.

I honestly believe this was simply overlooked. It is using templates, however, which might be why everything is saved as a "file". It still is trivial to at least provide a drop-down box (Which is a standard windows function. It's almost as if they are trying to save your files with this extension).

Aptana studio is still a great IDE, however. The HTML5 support is amazing. It shows, next to every element, which browser supports it. When you use a tag, it will show you every attribute you can possibly give it, with browser support, of course. The code highlighting is top-notch. Coming from CoffeCup's minimalist design, with no syntax highlighting, it works great. However, the color scheme is very dark and makes the otherwise great-looking interface seem cluttered and dirty.

Another early problem was with projects. They have amazing Pre-Built projects, however the User Interface makes it harder to understand what's in your project. With a small change to the style (Mainly the background color), I believe Aptana would be far better.

Aptana is amazing and perfect for extremely powerful and productive web-site design, however if you are only designing web-sites as a hobby or are still in the beginner stage, it's best to use a minimalist editor (I recommend CoffeCup's Free HTML Editor!).

I hope you enjoyed my article, even if you're not a web developer! Cheers :)!
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