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Updates to existing games

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As well as starting a new project, I am quite keen to keep supporting my existing games, to that end, I have updated Deepfall Dungeon with some new features -

Improved graphics
More monsters
New game mode - Game Plus
Various improvements and bug fixes

I have also produced a new video which shows off the game a bit better

You can download my game, for free, from my web site -

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Recommended Comments

I played it and liked it, i'm actually planning to make a first person dungeon game after I finish my current game Archer Alec.

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I really like your game. When I start playing it before I know it 3-4 hours are just gone. That imo is the sign of a good dungeon crawler/roguelike.


This is the vid that I learned about your game from. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRl-papZ_MI


I do know the author so it is a bit of a plug I will admit.

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