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Well...we're back! (and I just found out flipcode is back too!)

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Hello Everyone!

Well I haven't posted on here in a while, but I am posting again, primarily to say that after a few months hiatus, the guys at Demergo are back together again and are working on a new project. Our aim for this project is small, simple, and completely cross-platform.

Our goal is to have our game finished no later than mid-February. We are using the cocos2d-x engine with c++ (not the javascript side) and are also modifying the engine as we need and like to do. There are not any major modifications planned on the engine for our first game back, but we are definitely making a list of likes and don't likes about cocos2d-x. We also might be releasing everything as open-source, but we are not 100% sure yet. If it does happen, it will be after the game is released, rather than before. Oh, I also forgot to mention that the game is going to be completely free (no IAP's or Ads or etc...[insert annoying monetization strategies]). So, how to we plan on making money...well hopefully that will happen someday, but now its about stretching our abilities, learning new skills and techniques, and hopefully building some good reputation within the community!

Also, on a side note, I just noticed that flipcode is no longer dead...but alive again. I never really visited the site when it was alive, but I have visited it many times since it's death, so I am excited to see another valuable game development resource resurrected again! (Gamedev.net is awesome too, but thankfully it never died!)

Have fun everyone and enjoy making games!


(Update/Note/Hint to flipcode owner): After further investigation, while flipcode has some good articles and features...I am patiently awaiting the hopefully future existence of some form of reasonable search (or unreasonable search for that matter!) for flipcode and its archives.... (while a google custom search does work, it works rather painfully).
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Oh, hi Todd.
Really though, I stopped checking a while ago so it's cool that someone told everyone!
Thanks a bunch! :-)

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