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Level rendering

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Got level rendering working on the iOS simulator:


I had to show a screenshot of the very start of the beginning level, as I don't have the touch events wired properly yet and you can't move at all. The discerning eye will also note some face culling issues. And perf is crap. But definite progress.

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Nice work smile.png  But how does one use 'F#' keys on an iOS device???

Haha, excellent eyes.


Step 1 is to actually get the game ported and working on iOS, and prove that it will work and run OK without having to revamp level designs or anything. Step 2 is to revamp the interface to account for a touch interface. Step 2 is not going to be easy... no keyboard, no hover, no right click... I'm not really sure how it's going to work, but it will be easier to design once I have a working prototype that I can modify as needed.




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