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Over a Decade on! Wow!

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I came back to this site on a whim recently. In fact, I had forgotten this blog even existed. I don't come here often anymore, because I've been quite busy as of late.

Still, GDNet has a special place. It's where I first learned about matrices, for example. Without it, I may never of had the interest to pursue my undergraduate degree, and study math/physics/CS as seriously as I have.

Years later, I may not be going into game development as a career, but I have a pretty nice Silicon Valley job nonetheless. But maybe one day I'll accept a job offer in the field, and do some interesting things there. Exciting times, in any case.

If you asked me 10 years ago if I would ever achieve what I have, I would probably have said, "Of course!" Such is the naivety of youth. I appreciate the enormity of the task better now. Still, if not for the inspirations then, many of which can be traced back to here, I may not have persevered as I did.

I'm happy to see the site is still quite active, and within its members, I hope there are many more successes taking shape.
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Awesome to hear!   Thanks for coming back around.. it's pretty shocking how many game developers have used the site at some point or another.

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We're getting a lot of decader's nowadays. Every now and then a friend goes to me  - "wiat I've been on GDNet for how long??" heh heh. Welcome to the club :)

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