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Ordering woes

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I've been caught up in rather depressing business. I draw quite a lot on my spare time. All of the graphics to Medieval Times and some other things. Most of the graphics I have drawn on my Wacom Intous tablet (rather old, the first version) so recently I decided to upgrade to a beefy Cintiq 24HD Touch pen and display.


These things goes of at a whooping price tag of 33000 SEK (around $5070). I ordered the display 10 December 2012 and got it 7 January 2013. Quite a long delivery time if you ask me.... However, only to find out that I had received the wrong model - not the touch version. I can't comprehend how this is even possible for such an expensive product! However, I got my brains together and made an RMA to the reseller. I sent the wrong model I had received and waited for another week for the right display to arrive.

The new display arrived 15 January. Now the version was right, it had touch and everything. I drew some, well tried it out for a half a day when I noticed it was a defect product. The pen didn't register on a certain area of the display...

A new phone call to the customer care center at the store, request a new RMA and then the whole procedure again. I am hoping to get a working product by the end of the next week but I am starting to lose hope that this matter will ever cross the finish line. The customer care operator even asked me if I wanted a refund considering the twists and turns.

Well, it would have been nice to show some new artwork made on this device but sadly it has not been possible. This business has also crippled the programming side of my game project. I haven't been able to concentrate on the different tasks with this whole matter in my head. Hopefully this next device will be up to par and I will be able to show some progress in the near future.

Thanks for reading!
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