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High Resolution Worlds

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I hope no-one objects to just cross-linking to my blog, if they do I'll double-post here!

[Edit] As per jbadams polite pointer - here's a summary.

I've gone from 2048x1024 "plain ol' texturing" of terrain and cloud/illumination to normal mapped goodness at 4096x2048. I'm quite chuffed with the results :)

I'll try and push up a video of an Earth-like planet orbit as soon as I can.

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Cross-linking is fine, but it'd be appreciated if you could also put in a brief summary of the entry or even just paste the first paragraph so we'll have an idea what we'll be reading if we click the link. :-)

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That's what I get for posting without thinking! Sorry jbadams - good spot!

I've ramped up the planetary renderer to be a bit spiffier with higher res maps, and normal maps for terrain and cloud layers. Looks ace IMHO ;)

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