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1GAM January Entry and End of Year Recap

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It is good to be back! I've been absent for a bit, but I have been working. Between holidays and being sick, the end of 2012 was less productive than I would have liked though.

Android Development
I've started venturing into Android development via Mono for Android and MonoGame. The majority of my time over the past couple months has gone into rewriting my codebase so that it will compile and run on both PC and Android. Obviously I'm working on porting Sage over so that it will run on Android; it is slow going as I've decided to change the design a little bit. First off, I'm removing multiple verbs; everything will basically run off of the concept of "click to interact" or "use Item X on Object Y". I'm also working on a more touch-friendly UI.

One Game a Month
I joined 1GAM in December with plans of grandeur...I dropped those the other day because I slacked off all month (read: playing around with Android development.) So, yesterday I sat down and created a small little memory-match game for my 3 year old, DJ:

I've made a custom tile sets for him (Cars and Spongebob), but for now all the download includes is basic shapes (square, triangle, circle, and star.) Please note that this is intended for toddlers and thus locks itself into fullscreen mode. To exit, click all 4 corners in succession (doesn't matter the order) or hold Left Control + Left Shift + E.

Anyway, here are some screenshots and a download link:
(Note that these are early screenshots and the game has changed a little since they were taken.)
http://www.bealssoftware.com/1gam/dbeals/YoungMinds.zip (OpenAL required: http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx - oalinst)

Sadly, I've only been able to deploy to PC for now. I don't have a Mac to test on, I don't have the $400 to deploy to Android (though it builds and runs properly in the emulator), and the only Linux box I have is my web server. No worries though, I'm working on expanding to other platforms; it is just going to take a little bit of time (and money.)

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Very nice! I sadly couldn't do a 1 game a month... Way to much going on to commit myself to any projects outside of work. If you do indeed try 1 game a month, please post your progress! smile.png Maybe try it with Android to get experience with smaller games?

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Very nice! I sadly couldn't do a 1 game a month... Way to much going on to commit myself to any projects outside of work. If you do indeed try 1 game a month, please post your progress! smile.png Maybe try it with Android to get experience with smaller games?


Thanks! I completely understand where you're coming from; life definitely gets in the way lol. I decided to devote the time to it as it will (hopefully) help with my major problems when developing: not adding too many features and actually finishing projects. I'm going to stick with very simple, low-scale projects that I can finish by myself and in about a week or so (weekends and evenings.) I will definitely be posting my progress going forward! The memory game was made in a night, so there wasn't much to post lol.


I'm creating all of my projects with both Android and WIndows builds, so I can build and test both simultaneously. So, once I get the money for the license I'll have a wave of games to deploy to Google Play (as long as I finish them.) I was going to post some shots of that too, but they're pretty much exactly the same. Long story short: every one of the 1 Game a Month games I put out are being designed around both platforms and will eventually be available on both (with possible ports to Linux, Mac, and/or iOS in the future.)


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