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All of my ideas are free for you to steal unless I work on one in which case STOP THIEF!

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A brief glimpse into the minds of the Builders.

Why are there monsters?

They are small things that have crept and crawled through the cracks made
by the tower. They are nothing more than spiders in an abandoned house.

Why was the tower left incomplete?

Our families were not building a path to hell. They were building a path to
our realm which lies in a similar direction. Completing the tower was not
necessary but having all the pieces made to be a complete tower was. Everything
has purpose. When you keep something from its purpose you skew the direction it
takes. The tower is complete but not completed. Its purpose became skewed to
our needs.

Why was the tower not disassembled?

Our families worked to build the tower to rejoin us. Why would any stay

Why is the tower full of puzzles?

Each word is a purpose made manifest. Each purpose made manifest is. Each
word is a language. Each language is one purpose. The tower is only one word.
If you understood this then you would not ask this question.

Oh come on...that's just BS, it doesn't explain why the tower is full of
puzzles. So why is it full of puzzles?

Because the tower is only one word.

Okay, so basically you are
just going to avoid the question of why there are puzzles in the tower with
meaningless philosophies. Am I right?

One might wonder how you have
managed to survive for so long.

Why did God curse you?

We are not the only ones
with free will.

Why can't you go back through the tower?

How do you unsay a word you
have already begun speaking.


Hello all, sorry it has been so long but sometimes personal life gets in the way of the hobby life and the next thing you know it is six months later and you are wondering where the time went. Many things have happened during the last six months though perhaps the most significant was the moment the technical side that we had spent time hunting down and recruiting decided that they would create their own company and that myself and my partner should hand over all the documentation for the game design and related materials in return for....well nothing. In other words we should be grateful they would make the game as their first project.

So being the completely sad individual that I am I gave them everything then downed a bottle of scotch and started watching "The Crying Game" on repeat.

Well okay perhaps I didn't go that far...but really ffs. Is it that blatant a divide that the technical side somehow thinks that what they bring to the table abrogates the rights of others who contribute...or as in this case had done no technical work as yet but expected the ownership of the creation to be handed over?

Maybe..if it was a triple A company and I would still be demanding some form of payment on the product you can be sure of that.

Many people suggest that having the ideas are in of themselves useless. To a degree they are right. But if you take those ideas, flesh them out into a game design, design the play, design the encounters, design the story, create the concept art etc what value do you then begin to place on what has so far been created? So suddenly what had begun as a solid team turned out to be an icecastle on a hot summer's day. Ah well back to recruiting I guess.
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Your post should have said "Stop Right There, Criminal Scum!" smile.png

Ideas aren't useless, but the execution of an idea is what makes the idea come to reality, which means that inevitably the execution will affect the reality nearly, or even just as much as the idea itself.

So, if you still have your design ideas, or copies of the docs, trying with another team will probably produce different, and hopefully better, results than the guys who separated.

On that note though - why DID you hand over the design docs? Sure those people are free to start off by themselves with your idea in mind (unless contractually obligated not to, which doesn't sound like the case here), but you are also absolutely free to not hand them over anything at all.

I would've simply bid them farewell, aufwiedersehen and adieu, wished them luck and kept any work I created to myself.

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On that note though - why DID you hand over the design docs?


So being the completely sad individual that I am I gave them everything then downed a bottle of scotch and started watching "The Crying Game" on repeat.

Sorry did not emphasize the overeaction enough (it was meant as disturbed humour only)  - They did not get the documentation or any rights  at all - we pissed them off from the project.

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