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1GAM February: Young Minds Racing Game

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I've decided to continue with the games for kids for February's 1GAM entry for three reasons:
1) It is helping me improve my development skills; it is more difficult to design a game that is playable by a child that is about 3 years old (I'm designing and developing them for my son, DJ)
2) It is super awesome watching my son play them.
3) The mechanics are much simpler, so they games are in turn easier to develop.

DJ is a huge Cars fan, so I decided that this month's game would involve cars; enter Young Minds Racing Game. The game is driven by a simple mechanic: click the power ups (currently bubbles, going to be gas drops once I get to art) to keep your car going. There are two other cars to race against, but they currently do not present much of a challenge.

I'm on the fence about adding more features. I don't really think that there would be any point to adding unlockables/upgrades/customizations; it is just meant to try to keep a kid's attention. I'll continue to play with it and let it evolve for the next two weeks or so and see what we get.

Anyway, here are a couple screenshots:

I'm only posting the two as there really isn't anything else to post at the moment. If anyone is interested though, I did a timelapse of Day 1:

I'm off to bed now!
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I have always enjoyed the personal projects the most. Happy to see you still plugging away.

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