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Young Minds Memory Game 1.1.4 + Premium Tile Set

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Young Minds Memory Game
I've created a new project page for our January 1GAM project, Young Minds Memory Game. On the page you can find screenshots, a link to the game's installer (which is free), and a link to our first premium tile set, Farm Animals ($1+). I'm going to do my best to get a wider variety of premium tile sets up, but I am still kind of down an artist at the moment so it may take a bit. If anyone is interested in creating a tile set (800x480 background image, 128x128 empty node, 128x128 tile back, 128x128 tile front, any size game over texture, eight 128x128 tiles, 512x512 preview image) or you have any requests/suggestions, please let me know!

Young Minds Racing Game
I haven't made much progress on this yet as I have spent the majority of my time on updating Young Minds Memory Game, porting Sage, and getting some prototypes done up.

The Mysterious Life of Aaron James
Just wanted to mention the game so that you're all aware we haven't dropped it. I'm working on getting Sage ported over from XNA to MonoGame at the moment; once that is done I will have to adjust the content to account for any changes and we'll be off and running again.

Now, I'm off to get some more things done.
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