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Mining Machinery Co., Operation: Seeker, 2D sandbox mining game

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Wild Rose


My boyfriend and I have started our first big project to make a 2D sandbox mining game for PC (if you have Java you can play it). It is also plan to make it for android in the future.
We already made a few small games for college and home projects. It's time to think big! smile.png

Short summary of the game:

Player will control a robot, which will dig for different ore and several minerals. With that it will be able to make a spaceship to fly to another planet (different environment, ore, minerals). First few planets won't have enemies, they will probably be added later at about 5. planer or later. Player will have the option to upgrade the robot and his spaceship. We are also thinking to add achievements, goals to make the game more interesting. Development is in early stage.

Video to see how it looks now


Current robot the player can move around the map:
A new image is being drawn now, so it will look more like like a human. Will post when it is done. smile.png

Starting tiles on map:
All graphics will change in time (to better of course).

Sample map:

Picture for main menu:

That is for now. Will be updating the progress.

For more info you can go on:

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Digitopia.info
Web: http://www.digitopia.info
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At the moment it is for PC (Windows, Linux,... as long as you have Java you will be able to play it). I see I forgot to write that down, will fix it.


We are also thinking to make it for android, but that will have to wait for a while.

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