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Vvvvvroooommmmm!(translation: I has new gameplay videos!)

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So...I've been working on Hyperdrive the last weeks during my free time(from job and university), and progress has been good I think. Not that I still don't have a ton of things to implement(including multiplayer), and of course also to polish and "juice" the game up, but we're definately on the right track smile.png

I hope all art content will be ready relatively soon, so we can ship the game for Android,iOS and Ouya at least during this summer. As far as a PC release goes, we've been having our doubts, since the game technical department(mainly graphics, which, let's face it, are not exactly current-gen) will be of course judged more harshly on such a platform, and negative reviews might impact the success of the game on mobiles too. I guess one option is to release for mobile&tablets first, and see how it goes from there. If it has any success that provides enough funds, I could start working on an "HD" version of it, with higher-quality art and of course much more gfx than the mobiles, since on the PC I can add tons of new things, from effects(like dynamic lighting, parallax mapping,reflections,water,SSAO,God Rays,motion blur) to more detailed terrains,vegetation,more intricate particle effects, weather, more moving objects in the background(say helicopters and jets flying around in our War-Torn City map). OTOH, even if we don't get much attention, I'll at least have a finished and shipped game under my belt...granted a small indie game for mobiles, but still smile.png

I have pretty much settled on what the gameplay is going to be like. Basically, each vehicle will have an "Energy" bar, that can be spent during the race by using various weapons and devices/powerups, say plasma rifles, turbo boost, shield, missiles, mines, invisibility, autopilot and much more, each depleting a specific amount of energy. Those will be purchased in the shop with credits that the player earns when completing races/challenges. Before each race, he can assign the weapons/powerups of his choosing to 4 slots(aka buttons) and play the race using those. Of course, there will be energy cubes in the track that the player can pick up to restore energy. I think this scheme gives a nice freedom to the player to choose how he wants to race, and also adds a tactical element to it. The "main" mode will be the "Career", with your opponents each having their own portrait, personality and backstory which will unfold as the game progresses. And of course let's not forget the 3 Bosses with their very own special monster racers that you'll eventually have to defeat!

Anyway, here are 2 relatively new gameplay videos I've recorded...you'll notice of course some glitches, but those are still mostly test tracks. Soon though we're gonna start making the levels/tracks that will actually be in the game, which will be of course more interesting and..."crazy"(for example, just yesterday I implemented a Jump Pad that is pretty fun!). Also note that the vehicles depicted on those videos will NOT be the ones that will be used in the game, they're just stock art I purchased some time ago and I've been using ever since. Our 3D artist is currently making 11 different vehicle models, with multiple skins each. Here's an example of one of them:


And now the videos!


-EDIT: And here's a brand new gameplay video(with HD option available), with more detailed environment and featuring one new vehicle of those that will be actually used in the final game:

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Thank you! The game runs on my PC in those videos (dual core, Geforce9800) but we'll port it for Android, iOS and Ouya using Marmelade, and we'll try to squeeze as much detail as possible, while retaining smooth gameplay of course. We'll probably have to bake much of the lighting (which is fully dynamic in those videos), but that's something most games do anyway.


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