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There's monsters in here

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Nothing super spectacular, well actually it is for me, but it doesn't look it.... Found a major bug of sorts in my dungeon generation algorithmn. it refuses to put corridoors were I want them. On top the fact life has been throwing me curve balls left and right, I'm sparse on time.

My factory implementations aren't as concrete as I thought they were. Unknown design issues with third party types threw a big wrench into things. I hacked together a quick chunk to get things loading and displaying correctly, but I'm going to need a refactor. Which I think I'll use my next chunk of time to do. Gotta clean things up every once in a while and make sure I'm staying on track with my original goals.

I use a sorta factory design to load in templates of everything. Such as a creature factory that loads all the base templates of each creature type. The rest of the program is supposed to then be able to create new creatures from the templates. Unfortunately some of the objects with my objects are sensitive :( . Several implement copy constructors and so forth, but I failed to read about the various variables that don't get copied and must be set through the new objects interface.

This made me get sickly dirty to hack together the copying outside of the factory for the video.

Till next time happy coding, I'll have a walking player and traversable floors by the next update. *cross my fingers*
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