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Archer Alec - Town Hub/ Other Changes

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Lately I've been transitioning into my new Job(Why Archer Alec has been a little stagnated here), while squeezing in time to work on Archer Alec on the side.
The Job is ok it pays good enough to start saving to afford a car eventually, and help pay for my girlfriends tuition (partially).
But enough with the boring stuff lets talk about Archer Alec.


  • Town Hub
  • Highscores(Online)
  • All levels available
  • Traps are unlocked


    Town Hub
    One of the new things that I have put into the game is a "Town Hub". The town hub will serve several purposes.
    The town hub removes the need for the old level select screen, and the need for shops to be in the levels.
    The player will get to the levels by talking to a horse'n' carriage, the horse'n' carriage will ask you where to go and you will be able to choose which level to go to. There will also be a town shop where the player will be able to purchase items that they unlocked through playing the levels.
    Now since the player's inventory is only 8 slots you will only be able to bring with you 8 items to the level that you choose.
    Gold will also be able to be stored in a bank, the player will be able to withdraw gold to buy items. Gold is still obtained inside the levels, but if you die you lose the gold that you are currently carrying so you may want to leave a level early to store your gold!

    This is more of a question right now... Do you think that online highscores should be in the game? (Why/Why not would be helpful!)

    All Levels Available
    This is also a question, should the levels in the game be all available to the player from the start because each level has different monsters that make the level difficult in its own way.

    All traps unlock able
    All traps will be able to be unlocked through playing levels and getting farther in them, for example:
    The player gets to the 10th wave in the forest biome so they unlock the fire trap and will be able to purchase it in the shop.

    Well that's it for this week.
    If you want a closer look at the game you can see it at my website or on the indieDB page.
    Thanks for reading and feed back is appreciated.
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Recommended Comments

I'm personally not a huge fan of scores. They often just seem like a meaningless number to me.


I do like it when other things are kept track of: Total gold collected, monsters killed, etc... so if you have a score, it's nice to also break it down for me during a playthrough to see what contributed to the score, even when I don't care about the score itself.


Goblins gutted: 73 (x25)

Wizards whacked: 17 (x60)

Catapults conquered: 6 (x100)

Traps triggered: 5 (x600 if no traps used)

Time taken:16:37 (x2000 - x100 per minute)

Gold gathered: 8352 (x1)


Total score: 12197

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