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vortxGE : Threads

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After reading lots of tech papers/blogs on C++11 threads I redesigned the way the engine handles threading.

Developers can now change threads manually per Scene, each pipeline : Move, Optimise are now batch threaded for better performance. after lots of testing this approch seems to work better under heavy load and being scalable its my new method of choice.

Here is some code from the engine that creates threads based on nodes.void lsNode::MoveThread( lsScene* scn, lsOpenGL* opengl, double delta ){#ifdef VORTX_DEBUG_NODES cout << "lsNode::MoveThred() ********************************" << endl;#endif vector th; lsNode *ptr; int threads = 1; int tc = 0; // Threads if( scn ) { threads = scn->getThreads(); } else { threads = thread::hardware_concurrency() * 2; } // cycle through child and its next nodes ptr = getNode_list(); while( ptr ) { // Add thread th.push_back( thread( &lsNode::Move, ptr, scn, opengl, delta ) ); tc++; // check our thread count if(( tc >= threads )||( ptr->getNext_node() == NULL )) {#ifdef VORTX_DEBUG_NODETHREADS // debug cout << "lsNode::MoveThread - Thread count : " << tc << endl;#endif // Join and wait for( auto &t : th ) { t.join(); } // clean up th.clear(); tc = 0; } ptr = ptr->getNext_node(); } // pass it on if( getNode_list() ) getNode_list()->MoveThread( scn, opengl, delta ); if( getNext_node() ) getNext_node()->MoveThread( scn, opengl, delta );}
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I should also add I have my event system working with the new threads. All core events are on a scene by scene basis, e.g. if a scene node wants to delete itself because its life is over, it must add an event to do so. Game events will work on a Level basis.

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