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RPG Project - Post 6

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Added some collision detection style logic to help better plan tree placement. Went from randomly planting around 57k trees to create an impassible forest to using only 39k trees for the same effect. Also found some settings that will be good for thinner forests when I start looking into adding more variety in the terrain.

Added in some serialization code so that I can save and load the world. So far the file size in total to recreate the world is a bit under 10Mb.

A few weeks ago, the host that I've been using for my website was having some issues with the data center they've been using. The center just up and vanished. Thankfully, anything I had up there I do have backups of. But rather than just put what I had back up I figured I'd try something a little more modern and went with the Wordpress package that's available. I think it generally looks alright but I still need to get a project details page and some sort of page for downloads going.

In the mean time, I imported the 'detailed developer notes' for this RPG project from day 1 to the site. I don't think I'll be uploading notes everyday but more likely to do batch loads every so often.

Current development is on the stuff that I was working on just before I got distracted with the memory leak. I'm trying to get things going such that when you press space a sort of 'swoosh' appears like you're swinging something. If that swoosh hits a tree then I think you should see a sort of 'strike' effect that'd be like a little star or something, and the tree will be chopped down providing you with wood to work with. What I have going so far doesn't look right, I think, because I'm not detecting the collision between the swoosh and the tree quite right. Probably has something to do with the code being an over all mess which is something else I need to work on before it gets completely out of control.

So, not really anything new to show off but I thought I'd include a screenshot anyways and with the [s]excuse[/s] interesting new detail to show being that I changed the look of the winter trees slightly. I'm hoping that when I start adding in critters my programmer art skills will manage something that fits with the style.

2013-03-22 Screen.PNG

I believe I've found a way to deal with the flicker issue. It needs a little fine tuning yet but I like what I've come up with and it means that ultimately what you see in the screenshot will be what you get. Essentially, I'm dealing with it by not dealing with it. Assuming that I'm able to get this tree chopping thing all sorted out, I'll include a video in my next post.
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