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I moved the ZFXCE2-repository to github

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Just if anyone is interested in: I moved the ZFXCE2-repository from SourceForge to Github. You can find it here: https://github.com/kimkulling/zfxce2

I did some progress in the rendering system:

  • Currently the whole transformations a re done via registered transformations groups.
  • I also introduces a base scene-graph. Currently no culling is done.
  • I fought a lot with the concept of a separate renderthread ( currently I am having only one Direct3D9 renderer finished ). What I now have is a simpe renderer for models imported with assimp.

    If my little daugther let me some time I am working on a simple space-shooter, which is using the ZFXCE2. But it takes a loooot of time.
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