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Creating gd.net articles

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The new Article Writing forum has some interesting discussion going on lately.

As the site administrators were asking for a list of topics, I started looking over the list.

Then I realized something...

I could probably write 2/3 of the articles they were asking for.

I've got the education and the experience. I attended graduate school after completing my bachelor's degree (cum laude, university honors, department honors, etc.) and I have kept up on the topics. I'm a reasonably good teacher and can generally communicate well in writing. I am approaching two decades of real-world experience (eww, I'm getting middle aged!) so I've seen most of the theories in action.

I even have ideal proof-readers for my target audience. My wife can review it from an educated adult perspective and check for non-technical issues. My teenagers can read it from a less-educated teenage perspective and check for readability.

So I've decided to get to work and spend some of my evenings writing articles. One is already published, two are nearly complete, and four others are in the works.

That's it for this random thought. Wish me luck.

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Good luck :)


Sure they will be valuable additions to the site resources.


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Thanks so much for the contributions! :-)


I recently shared a link to your first article ("State Machines in Games") via our Facebook page, and in only a couple of days it's become our most viewed and shared Facebook post to date, so I think it's safe to say people are very interested in that kind of material -- looking forward to your other articles!


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Stayed up a bit late last night finishing them off after my teen previewed them. We couldn't think of any good pictures for a few of them.

The only pictures we could think of adding were for stack and queue, and in that case it was, well, just a stack of stuff and also a queue of people. I'm pretty sure I have both in my massive collections of photos I've taken.

If you think of something that might be a good match or could help with clarity, let me know.

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Go slow on the writing, I can tell you from experience it can consume you quickly! Take your time and keep it enjoyable.


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