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A C64 Game - Step 93

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An addon to make the other bosses a bit stronger against Sam. Now you need to re-grab the boss after every hit you place.
Previously Sam only had to stand there and keep fire pressed. Hardly a challenge :)


First of all, a new enemy type is added. Normal enemies stay type 1, bosses are now type 3.

Most changes are in the FireSam routine. Add in the PLAYER_FIRE_RELEASED check:

          ldy PLAYER_JOYSTICK_PORT,x 
          lda JOYSTICK_PORT_II,y 
          and #$10 
          beq + 
          ;not fire pressed 
          lda #1 
          sta PLAYER_FIRE_RELEASED,x 
          jmp .SamNotFirePushed 
          lda #1 
          stx PARAM6 
          lda SPRITE_HELD 
          bne .NoFireReleasedCheck 
          jsr SamUseForce 
          beq .NoEnemyHeld 
          ldx CURRENT_INDEX 
          lda PLAYER_FIRE_RELEASED,x 
          bne + 
          jmp .SamNotFirePushed
          lda #0 
          sta PLAYER_FIRE_RELEASED,x

In the enemy hurt routine we check if a boss was hurt (by checking the type). If it is, release the enemy from the force grip:

          ;enemy was hurt 
          ldy SPRITE_HELD 
          lda SPRITE_ACTIVE,y 
          lda IS_TYPE_ENEMY,y 
          cmp #3 
          ;if boss, auto-release 
          bne + 
          lda #0 
          sta PLAYER_FIRE_RELEASED,x 
          jmp .SamNotFirePushed 

Have fun!


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