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Steaming ahead... 5 stars!

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I'm reet chuffed - I listed Dominion on Steam Greenlight Concepts - and the response from that community has been great!

We were most popular for over a week straight, and top 3 the rest of the time - with 96% voting 'Yes' to play it if it were ready. We are now a five star project!

Feel free to pop along ;)


As a "reward" - I created the planet Greenlight to be a prominent part of the Dominion universe ;

Planet : Greenlight

Technology : High
Population : 5M
Economy : Self-sustaining, high.

History :

Colonised in the early 18th Millenia - Greenlight rapidly became a creative hub for Software Engineering, with almost every development discipline taking root over the next century. As of now, it houses countless prominent software houses and produces a vast proportion of the Empire's creative media which is in constant high demand. Films, gaming and qNet sims - most likely every technological experience today has roots which stretch back to Greenlight in one way or another.
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