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Finally here.

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Well I was contacted by a website looking to sell indie games and they wanted Archer Alec in their store.
So now it's there.

When I first started Archer Alec I knew next to nothing about how to make a game. And I still have a whole lot to learn about game design.
Archer Alec has changed since the first version back in May of 2012, going from randomly generated terrain to static level design.


This has been a huge learning experience for me. From animating, sound creation, and just plain design.
I want to thank all the people who left comments and gave feedback throughout the development of Archer Alec, it's helped me a lot and has shaped the game into what it is today.

And as of today I have started working on a new project, though it will be a smaller game. I am trying to apply what I learned from making Archer Alec into this new game. Starting off with a nice design document. Ill make a post once I have more of the game done.

Currently Archer Alec is 4.99 Here
And here is the Archer Alec Facebook Page

Thanks for reading! I'm going to be giving out a couple free copies later this week.
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Congrats on the release! stick @gdevnet onto any freebie tweets you send out and we will RT them

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It's been great following your updates, looking forward to hearing about your new project!

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Hey thanks guys for the awesome comments I've been on somewhat of a Hiatus while working on one of the new projects/ getting Archer Alec adjusted.

The most up-to-date versions of Archer Alec can be found on my website www.habituegames.com

Thanks for all the support!

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Congratulations! I remember that Skype chat we had when you were still developing! It's amazing to see how far the game has come :)!

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