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A C64 Game - Step 95

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Now a little update that adds a change that was long overdue: Zombies do not wake up all of a sudden, but peek out of the ground before. Now players should be able to escape if they're keeping an eye out.


We change the .WakeUp part of BehaviourZombie to show up, look left/right a few times and only then rise, like good zombies do:

          ;only animate head to warn player 
          inc SPRITE_MOVE_POS,x 
          lda SPRITE_MOVE_POS,x 
          cmp #20 
          beq .ReallyWakeUp 
          and #$07 
          bne ++ 
          ;show head 
          lda SPRITE_DIRECTION,x 
          eor #1 
          sta SPRITE_DIRECTION,x 
          lda #SPRITE_ZOMBIE_COLLAPSE_R_2 
          adc SPRITE_DIRECTION,x 
          sta SPRITE_POINTER_BASE,x

Also, having the spawn animation playing but then "appearing" underground is awkward the start state of zombies is now fully alive. Which is simply a change in the TYPE_START_STATE table.

That was simple now :)


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The main point is that back then I wanted but couldn't. Some sort of living the old dream :)

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polyfrag is too young to understand the love we have for our old machines

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Making it harder for enemies to kill the player? What kind of old game is this? ;)

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