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Victory is mine!

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It was an epic fight, but I finally managed to subdue the last few LLVM garbage collection bugs and get a full test suite pass.

I'm kind of tired (it's 5:30AM and I've been running all night) so I'll try to reword that a little more clearly:

Epoch is, as of right now, passing all compilation and runtime tests (all 62 of them) with full, aggressive, and accurate garbage collection, running as 100% native code.

This support includes correct handling of circular references, correct handling of algebraic sum types (aka discriminated unions), correct reclamation of resources besides pointer types (strings and buffers, in Epoch parlance), and even works across multiple-dispatch calls.

I have a feeling there's some edge cases missing from the test suite, but for now, I'm damn happy with the results of the last several days of work. I figured on GC being a nightmare (and don't get me wrong - it was) but overall the experience has been completely worth it.

I still want to ponder submitting an LLVM patch to make all this less hackish, but I also sort of don't really care because my changes are really minimal and doing them "right" would involve a lot of heavy lifting. Maybe I'll tackle it some other time.

For now, I'm going to just sit here and bask in the glow of all 62 tests passing, and maybe drool on myself a little bit as I fall asleep.
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