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What I'm up to

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Forgive the lateness of my reply smile.png

Actually, I'm here to give y'all an update as to what I'm doing regarding gamedev lately. Since the release of the Gamedev Collection series (still available at Amazon, go get them now), I have been doing very little (and by that I mean no) billable work for Gamedev. I was getting pretty burned out by reviewing "version 2.3.00001 of WhateverSoft's latest entry, now with antialiasing", so I decided to just stick with unbilled short-form book reviews. So I'd write just enough book review to be justified by the value of the book. Which means I'd get new books now and then, and Gamedev would get a modicum of free content.

Here's the latest if you haven't noticed (and if our hit-count is any indication, you haven't)


In the next few weeks, I'll probably start posting these reviews as featured articles rather than featured books in the book section. They'll still be short and funded by the book itself. Book publishers get a plug. Gamedev gets a short article they don't have to pay for. I get a shiny new book. Everybody gets a very small something, and it doesn't take up much of anyone's time so I can get back to more rewarding pursuits like "actually developing games".

Oh, and we're now posting some articles from the Gamedev.net collection books if you don't have the series.

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Sorry if this doesn't belong in the "staff journal" section. I didn't realized it'd get automatically featured and pinned to the top of the journal page. If you wanna downgrade it to the Bargain Basement Blog, that's fine.

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I had forgotten that GameDev.net reviews books. There's no prominent front-page or header-menu link to the book review portion of the site, so putting them as articles in a 'Book Review' category is probably for the best.

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