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Explosive Shell: Development Update

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After one month of development on Explosive Shell, the main engine components are finally in place. I reworked the inputMgr, screenMgr and sceneMgr completely. I have given some thought into the objectMgr I currently have in place and I think I may rework this to be component based rather then entity based through polymorphism. I would also then be designing some GUI for object creation based on component editing. I think this rework would be a lot of fun allowing Explosive Shell to be scalable and quickly editable farther down development.

On a second note, Explosive Shell is playable and I am currently writing the weaponMgr and animationMgr. I feel that the actual mechanics for controlling a ship has been ironed out and a few more days, with a little tweaking, the controls will be solid.

As far as the design document is concerned, I do not think that it is in a state to review to the public quite yet, but should be ready to go in about a months time. Much of my development has been put on hold because of my last semester of college but upon graduation, development should continue unhindered.

Happy Programming GameDev Community!
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