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It's been a long, long time...

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Well, it's been a really long time since I've posted here on GD.net, or used this journal. A lot has happened over the last year.

Aside from continuing pre-production on my game project (previously known as "A Little Epic"), I've been really busy with figuring out what I need to do with my life, and trying to get things in order. I've decided to pursue game design and will begin online classes this summer.

Anyway, I probably won't update this journal very much. I'l be posting in my more public blog. However, I will post occasional updates here as well, for those who don't feel bothered to go to yet another blog (I don't blame you :P ).

Along with everything else, I've decided to use GameMaker: Studio for my game project. GML is a decent scripting language, and the features of GM:Studio are just too nice to pass up. Basically, I had a basic sidescroller working in about an hour, after following all of the tutorials I could find on the subject, and it's really easy to use. It could even do 3D games, though with Unity available, it may be difficult to compete. :P

Anyway, I'm back now, and hopefully I can start working on making this game soon!

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Welcome back!  Almost didn't recognise you until I spotted the "formerly known as "CoffeeCoder" in your signature on a forum post.


I think authorware tools like Game Maker are really starting to come into their own recently.  They are still limited when compared to coding from scratch, and obviously different packages have different strengths and weaknesses, but the days when they could only produce crappy little games that performed poorly are gone, and they're now very capable and can potentially save quite a lot of work.  Good to see more people starting to adopt them when it makes sense rather than holding onto the popular old prejudice of trying to use "real" languages for everything. 

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Yeah, I used to be one of those "it's not a real game unless I program it from scratch!" types, until October of last year when someone showed me Unity. I was floored by its capabilities, and I have many plans for it someday. 

However, I've known about GameMaker (since around '07), but never used it because it was limited to 2D at the time (and I wanted to learn to program things from scratch), and I was more into 3D game development. I regret that decision, because if I had stuck with it I would have had many games out by now! tongue.png

The fact that I had the basic workings of a sidescroller up and running  in around an hour just makes GameMaker the perfect choice for this project. GML is pretty easy to learn to, since it's based on C/C++. I highly recommend it to anyone starting out with game development!

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