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Dominion is Live on Kickstarter, Again!

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The day is finally here - and we've pushed the button - our space-combat epic is back on Kickstarter and seeking funding once again!


Thanks in advance to anyone who has a mind to back us this time around smile.png
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Your KickStarter page looks visually pleasing, but there's not much gameplay shown in your video. How far along is the game?
From the video itself, I don't really know what the game is about aside that it's set in space. Is it a RTS, a TBS, a 6-DOF shooter, or a first (or third?) person RPG/FPS/Action game? You mentioned your end-goal of a MMO, but I'm not sure what the KickStarter game itself is.

Your video implied that there was a demo available on your website, but I can't find it. Am I misunderstanding the video's end-screen?


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It's early days - prototype - but we've put a lot of work into bring the visuals up to scratch. 


You raise a valid point Servant of the Lord - I'll address that in the pitch pronto. It's a bit "cross-genre" - but chiefly aimed at being a 6-DOF flight model, but when (if) Fleet control comes in, it'll feel a little more RTS-like as you command your fleet. These playstyles aren't forced though - it's up to you to choose how to play.


This release for Dom is a single player "FPS" (loose quotes) space exploration/trade/combat game - with a sandbox universe and missions/jobs/things to do as you choose. You can fly fighters "by wire" or control a carrier and assign targets to turrets during combat, and even take over flying it from the ships AI.


As for the end screen "demo" - you are misunderstanding it... but... that's entirely my fault! Now you've said that, it totally looks like that's what it means. It was originally written to mean "If you'd like to play dominion..." then visit our site and support us when the pitch comes about...


I will fix it - as there is no demo, and it's clearly misleading - even I think it is now!


Thanks for pointing these out - it's the kind of feedback I need, these details slip past in the flood of "things to do"!

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It sounds really fun. 6-DOF, trading economy, (possibly) fleet control, and maybe when eventually the franchise becomes multiplayer fleet vs fleet combat. Sounds like an excellent concept worth pursuing! I hope your crowd-funding campaign goes really well.

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Cheers Servant of the Lord - that's good to hear ;) and if you know of any good places to spread the word... :)

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