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Back in the saddle again... I hope...

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Well it's been so long that I been active that I forgot how much I missed coding...

I have gone back to College to finish up my degree, have no idea why, maybe to get a piece of paper or a job who knows... Not going learn any new languages as I have had all the classes they offer for that, and I been doing this for a while now.

I just don't have enough time in my life currently to continue my goal of making my own game from scratch, so I have moved onto trying out Irrlicht and so far like it well enough to use that for my first cheesy game. Close to being finished. Nothing great just a 2D arcade style game. I am still mulling over making my own game from scratch for the only games I really want to code. RTS games or turn based. So well see.

I have recently in my few hrs of free time been playing around with OpenGL 4+. I was only using GL2.1 before and GLSL 1.2. I have now gotten some basic rendering working in GL4 and have decided that GL2.1 is dropped from my code base moving forward. Love the cleanliness of GL4 over GL2.

Java still bites at me over C++ at times due to the annoying IDE suites if I want to code for all platforms... I have tried C::B but miss so much of VC++ 2010 features that I have to keep coming back when I am on Windows. Linux I haven't tried yet, but have Ubuntu installed on second drive, and plan on moving to Linux as my main OS if Window8+ doesn't get back to it's desktop roots...

And OSX, back in the day Xcode wasn't bad but wasn't great either, that was Xcode 2/3 I was using. So no comment on Xcode 4 or whatever iteration they are on now.

So it would be nice to have a simple but powerful IDE to run on all three platforms and not worry about bugs and missing features or complex actions to do simple tasks, e.g. watch variables in VS vs. C::B ugh...

Well back to the JOYFUL school work, can't wait to graduate....
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Yeah, C::B needs quite a bit of getting used to :P watching variables is not very intuitive.

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