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I'm Back

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'lo all, it has been a while.

I am still developing games, and lately have had an overwhelming urge to interact with other developers again.

I have a blog, where I publish random development stuff:


I'm hoping to push content there to here or vice versa, we'll see how possible that is (anyone?)

these days I am working on somewhat of my magnum opus, Revel Immortal; it is the sequel to Morning's Wrath

some of you here might remember Morning's Wrath? maybe not...

a lot has changed since that game, for the better in some ways; notably Revel it is in alpha but even though it is in alpha

you can play it, right now, with no need to download; oh and on just about any platform... even your tablet

thanks to some slick design (if i do say so myself) you can play it as I develop it (without it blowing up your save-game)

so if you're curious and have a moment check it out


I look forward to getting back into the swing here and seeing whateveryone is working on and how many folks I recognize ;D

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;) Couldn't resist. Sorry. Haha, welcome back

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Wow, welcome back. I've checked your website several times over the past years, and was always sad to see it broken. I bought a copy of Morning's Wrath, and the Lost City of Malathedra ages ago. Never got around to playing MW though - but I've beat the Lost City twice.


I'll check out Revel Immortal later.

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