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Prototyping New Features

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The newest feature of Portas Aurora is the Planet Surface resource Display. Currently it is still in the early stage of development and getting needed data is more important than look at this moment. Each planet's surface is divided into 16 tiles and their individual levels are display. The idea is to show the 100% baseline production.

Tile values:

  • Sparse - 50% production value
  • Poor - 75%
  • Abundant - 100% the baseline
  • Rich - 125%
  • Saturated - 150%

    Biodiversity will effect food production and Mineral Deposits will effect industrial production.

    Features that are also in development are:

    • Shipyard
    • Planetary Construction
    • Terraforming
    • Empire Resource Management
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I really enjoyed playing this type of game when I was younger. I am looking forward to playing this when you're done.

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I am hoping to have a small trail version ready next week. It will be more of a testing platform than an actually playable version.

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